True legacy of a family line of confectioner-chocolate and biscuit-makers, Sweet Spot was created in 1992 by Evelyne Ramdiane Gallien who wished to take over the business shortly after her arrival in Mauritius , in collaboration and under advice of her partner Marie Michèle Sauzier.

They proposed a diverse and comprehensive service that included the retail components of sweets as well as the preparation of sweets and confectionery ranging from the filling of small boxes to the printing of cards to their placement in pretty baskets or other media such as cradles, ducks, carriages.

Over time, a lab for chocolates as well as an icing sugar sweets workshop was created.

The original products and exclusive and personalized services which are offered by Sweet Spot have contributed to the the success of the company. Soon after, the small workshop transformed itself, over the years, in 3 outlets on the island as well as exporting its products first regionally then worldwide.

Expertise, authenticity, creativity and quality constitute the core values of the company that has been able to evolve over time and which offers tempting treats for 20 years to a distinguished and refined clientele, who can appreciate the taste as well as the visual appeal.

Today, known as the largest specialist in “Candies” in Mauritius, “SweetSpot” skilfully blends tradition and modernity in offering customized products and services.